Do I need to be a skilled football player?

If you were Messi you would already be in Barcelona. At Delaliga the focus is on having fun. Of course it helps if you are used to play football in some form. And it helps if you are not completely out of shape so that you manage to play.

But we offer these trips on the solid assumption that people, over 20, still think its fun to play football. Now they don’t always have a team to play games with or a travel destination ready for them. So we simply want people who can and want to play football together to go to a fantastic place like Barcelona, meet like minded and have a blast.

Is Delaliga part of FC Barcelona?

No, we have no official connection to the legendary team of Barcelona. But we choose Barcelona for Delaliga because no other team has been so successful in creating its own talent. The philosophy of football is in the air and to us this is the football capital of the world. Our coaches knows everything there is about techniques as well as philosophy and the pitches we use are in the center of town. In plain, Delaliga aims to give our customers an authentic experience of the real football Barcelona by going back to the source.

Do I need to book my own flight ticket?

Yes, you do. Or which ever way you prefer to get to Barcelona. You are responsible for getting to and from Barcelona but while there we will take care of you.

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